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The works on the poet’s sculpture were progressing steadily and Miguel sent him the amount of his work that they should have agreed upon before:

I just cashed your money order, but it was 3,800 and you send 4,000. Two hundred for what? Will you make me have a glass of wine?

Promptly, Serrano told him how the entire casting process was progressing with a new letter:

You will send the amount to me as soon as you can, because to make it work for you for that price, I included that job with another that I already commissioned.

As for the matter of your cousin, this is the address where the chicken works

I’m sorry about what happened with the inspector at your school and I think that with your intelligence you will have fixed it.

Today this bust of the poet constitutes one of the most widespread images of the poet. It is one of the well-known portraits of the sculptor who during those years portrayed different characters from the business, political and cultural world of Spain, creating a true gallery of portraits, sometimes reminiscent of those designed by Daumier, but without highlighting aspects negative cartoons, seeking rather to express what he considered essential of the character portrayed.

His relationships could not be better and Pablo Serrano did not stop congratulating him on Christmas at the end of 1958 as a small card shows:

A new cultural event led the sculptor to write to the poet, to ask him about the opportunity to participate or not in an exhibition that was being organized and to which he had been invited by the painter Pepe Orús:

The painter Orús, it seems that with Radio de Zaragoza, has organized an exhibition of Abstract Art from Aragonese. In order to obtain my participation, he called me the other day by phone.

I beg you to tell me something about it, because although in principle I refused to participate, because I think this was nonsense by friend Viola, yesterday he insisted on this convenience to “stir the atmosphere”

Through ORUS I am also sending you a cliché. Please don’t miss it.

Do you want to give me some news about the contest for the Goya monument that comes out of Banco Zaragozano and that has been published in the newspapers?

Gumersindo Claramunt Pastor signature. Perhaps you have a friend within the organizing committee and you could find out if modern sculptures (misnamed) have a place.