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.I have a wife and children and we are willing to do whatever it takes. I have several jobs. I am a welder, a metal carpenter, and I am also a personal trainer …. We are very familiar and we would love the idea of ​​living in the town.

Hello, my name is Ricardo. I have two children, ages five and ten. And I would like to move there to settle, my wife and my children. We would like to live there and work as far as possible. We have experience for jobs of any kind because the fundamental thing is to want to make a future and take things with enthusiasm if you inform us for what is necessary to leave I thank you thank you

We are a couple with two children aged 15 and 4, my partner unemployed and I have fibromyalgia with permanent disability part-time, we need it urgently !!

I would like to go to live in the town with my two children and my wife also work would be very useful since I am unemployed, please if you have a house for me to contact me

I have 4 child and I would like to leave because I do not have a job and my child is 5,7,9 and 12

I would be interested in I have two girls, 8 and 12 years old… and my Mario is 38 and I am 34… I would like more information

Hello, I am from Peru, I would like to have this benefit, I have two girls of 3 and 9, I will be grateful if you contact me.

Hello, I live in Cáceres and I have 2 girls aged 7 and 8 and Teresa, especially the work, since I am alone with the children

Hello, good afternoon, we are a family with a 5-year-old girl and we would be interested in living in that town and also interested in the job, I am Verónica and my phone number is 627170826, thank you.

Hello, we do not have children but I would not be interested in the work I in the field or whatever it was and my husband in transport or waiter thanks

I still need children for school if so this is my email (hidden) or my phone number 722766585

In my house we are my mother with my grandmother and my 17-year-old brother. My sister, 23, and I, 29, each have a child and they are both 8 years old, even though we are fighting for joint custody, now we have it for some purposes. We need a proper roof and a job.