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Waiting for the conquests, waiting for time to pass and be made in four adolescents of those final years of the fifth decade of the last century of our recent history, of those days of which we believed the last dictatorship, this work de Casanova pours all its strength into four tones that capture the lives and deaths of Boris Gonzaga, Francisco Monroy, Serafín Arjona and Antonio Villa, the latter in charge of making her (of death) a technological symbol attached to the memory of a machine that unfolds in the fingers of a character / narrator.

Caracas is the matrix of death: the story begins in childhood, in a clear and at the same time opaque city, when the shadow that is still memory made of the characters predestined visions: a violence embedded in the first two years of the decade of the nineties left the country involved in a war without victors, since it failed to overcome lies, promises and allusions to happiness. A city, then, that became a country from the wounds, from the corpses, pain, gunshots and bitterness.

We open the silence. Each of the characters is an image that suggests the presence of another, because the carnival, mimesis of many shadows and masks, also gives the rictus of dissimulation. Death is necessary and true, so much so that it exists in each of the figures that have not yet been provided by the agencies that are in charge of these issues. A strange stink breathes the bureaucracy. The same as Camus, but in the revolted blood of those who still live dreaming of the slogans.

The country looks at death and smells the breath that floats in front of a mirror. All of it in collective violence.

In Cuarteto en Sol there is only one: the memory of four subjects who occupy the pages of a distorted country. Simulation as the spawn of a society without testimonies, without the possibility of unmasking it.

Boris Gonzaga dies in the middle of the street, amidst noises and spasms, with his head pierced. A bullet from Fal silences him in the middle of a drunkenness, after walking through the different mechanisms of corruption, along all the roads that lead to easy wealth, to power.

An invisible thread leads to Francisco Monroy, a character who represents the ideological values ​​of the sixties.