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Eder points to the stick insects. Let’s see, says the boy, I don’t see, dad. Eder loves the cadence in his son’s voice, how he stretches the last syllable and sticks his tongue out. If fatherhood were made up of scenes to behold like paintings in a museum, I would overlook that back pain that only relieves by lying on the living room rug.

Then, as often happens since someone celebrated grace, your son slaps you in the face. Shit! Eder shouts shamelessly, holding tightly to both of the boy’s hands, who starts to cry. His wife approaches with the youngest son, wriggling out of his arms. Control yourself! He asks through his teeth. And a discussion begins in which Eder knows that he has the chance to lose, but he defends himself by repeating again that one of these days the child is going to take out an eye, like that writer with all his writer brothers whom his son provoked. a detached retina. She calls him exaggerated, reminds him that these are children who are not aware of the danger, their intention was not to hurt him and he should ask his son for forgiveness. The writer with all his writing brothers had to remain four months face down in bed for the retina to return to its place. Eder recognizes that the argument is useless with the boy crying and trying to reach his prey hands towards his mother, and is silent. His wife takes the child from him and tells him again that at that age they are not aware of what they are doing. Then he will repeat it a few more times, as is his custom, taking advantage of the fact that there are people around and that he will not send her to shut up in public.

The next bug is the leaf insect, which also uses its shape to camouflage itself in trees. Ever since a ladybug crawled through the kitchen window into your apartment, your kids have become fanatical about insects. They are three years old, but soon the oldest will be four. The following month school begins. Eder and his wife prefer not to look at the calendar, it is summer in Madrid and the days are a life sentence of children’s meals. Time is measured by bites, no longer by the pages you read. Tiredness too. If they at least ate alone, they wouldn’t expend as much energy getting angry. When was the last time you were able to see a full length movie in the living room? One night he told her about Las Hurdes, the Buñuel documentary that he had always heard a co-worker talk about.