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For the first time, the daughter of the marriage will not pass, forcing them to rethink the holidays. Grisham will be the executive producer of the film that, from this novel, will begin at the beginning of next year.

The simultaneous murder of two justices of the United States Supreme Court kicks off this exciting novel of legal intrigue. The FBI has no leads, but Darby Shaw, a brilliant Tulane law student, believes she has the answer that would reveal a shadowy link between the two judges. .

Synopsis: Mitchell Y. McDeere is a young and promising lawyer, graduated from Harvard University, aspiring to the best positions within his profession, and who finally joins a Memphis company, Bendini, Lambert & Locke, which manages g

Despite his youth, Clay Carter has resigned himself to living as a gray public defender. Hence his lack of enthusiasm in dealing with a no less routine case: defending a teenager accused of murder. By inquiring into his client’s past. Clay discovers, however, that when he committed the crime he was under the influence of an experimental drug.

A young lawyer, a Yale University graduate, is pressured to accept a position at a major law firm and is blackmailed into giving inside information about a multi-million dollar lawsuit. When Yale Gifted Student Kyle McAvoy is about to finish his law degree, he is visited by a man who identifies himself as FBI Agent Plant. He tells him that if he does not accept the offer of the Scully & Pershing law firm in New York, possibly the most powerful law firm in the country, the recording of an incident that took place 5 years ago will be made public: the alleged rape of a girl, a partner of university studies. Kyle was present but doesn’t really know what happened. It happened one night when he and his friends were drunk and so was the girl. They had all slept with her before but the only thing Kyle is clear about that night is that he didn’t touch her. The girl appeared at the police station to formalize the rape accusation several days later, but the charges were dropped shortly after when it was found that she did not provide any evidence and that she constantly contradicted herself. For Kyle and his friends it was a closed and forgotten episode. Now Agent Plant informs him that she will file the complaint again and that the recording is in her possession.