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In most engines, especially modern ones, there is a certain advance to the intake opening (AAA), that is, the intake valve opens before the piston reaches pms. Currently, the AAA is 10 to 40 with an average of 20.

What is general for all engines is the delay to the closing of the intake (RCA); Instead of closing the intake valve when the piston is at bdp, it closes when it has risen a little from neutral. The piston sucks the gases while it is going down in the first stage; upon reaching the pmi.

It is the moment when, during the round tack, the sails change band, passing the boom along the longitudinal axis of the boat.

Motorized crane that is used to lift boats out of the water and bring them to their point of dry dock.

It has two straps that are used as support points to lift the boat.

Skate that runs on a rail perpendicular to the center line, in which the block of the major is fixed.

Mooring line that is given to the dock perpendicular to the fore-aft line of the ship.

Line described in space by a mobile, like the one followed by the projectile of a firearm.

Action of drawing life-size the different parts of a ship that go into its construction.

Device that, in connection with the gyrocompass, is used to graphically record the directions followed by a ship.

The elements necessary for a “fire” to exist must always be three: fuel, oxidizer and temperature. If one of these three elements is not present there will be no fire. It is one of the basic criteria used to combat it, to eliminate any one of these three elements.

It is the one formed on the celestial sphere and whose vertex is the pole, zenith and star. Its elements are: azimuth (z), counted on the horizon from the elevated pole to the vertical one, in one direction or another; the angle at the pole (p), counted on the equator, from the meridian of the place to the paralactic angle (A), formed by the hour and vertical circle of the star. The sides are the colatitude, the declination, and the zenith distance.

Name with which the variation of -seat- or position that the hull of a ship or boat takes is identified, in a longitudinal direction, with respect to the horizontal of the water level of the flotation.

Seat a boat; adjust the sails or the way the yacht will ride on the water.