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Although this recording does not provide clear evidence against Kyle, if it were to come to light his reputation as a lawyer will be damaged forever. He therefore decides to do what they ask him: he will work for Scully & Pershing and will give up his plan to dedicate a couple of years to the defense of the rights of the poor of the state of Virginia. At Scully & Pershing, rookies are expected to work 100 hours per week and always with enthusiasm and total dedication. Thus they quickly eliminate the less fit. The s

Politics has always been a dirty game. Now justice is too: In a crowded courtroom in the state of Mississippi, the jury pronounces a totally unexpected verdict: it finds a chemical company guilty of carrying out toxic spills into the city’s drinking water system, which It has caused the highest incidence of cancer in history. The company appeals to the State Supreme Court, whose nine judges must confirm or overturn the verdict. Carl Trudeau, the owner of the company, does not trust him to issue a favorable ruling for him and investigates every judge. Taking advantage of the fact that there is a vacancy in the Court, he decides to present his own candidate, even if it costs him a few million dollars. For this he gets in touch with a company that selects a young and malleable lawyer for him. They finance him, promote him, and mold him to his liking to become a Supreme Court justice. Your Supreme Court Judge. The appeal is an intense drama, tackling a very current issue and full of surprises. A story called to raise profound doubts about what justice means in its strengths … and its weaknesses.

John Grisham reveals to us in this new thriller the dark side of justice. Michael Brock was in a hurry. He worked his way up the ladder of Drake & Sweeney, a huge Washington D.C. law firm, like he could. He was a rising star with no time to waste; he could not allow himself a breath, nor stop to put change in the cardboard glasses of the beggars. He didn’t have time for conscience. But a violent clash with a homeless man almost stopped him. Michael survived, but not his assailant. Who was that guy? Michael investigated and found a dark secret, a secret involving Drake & Sweeney.